About Us

Farrah Javid, the owner of Secrets of Fashion, is an experienced buyer and wardrobe/fashion consultant in the area’s most prestigious designer departments of Nordstrom, Max Mara, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Farrah brings over 28 years of experience to the business with a vision in mind to offer the highest quality and designer garments at affordable prices. She has established strong ties with many venders through years of being in the business. She personally buysher merchandise according to her client’s needs and life style. In some occasions, she is able to negotiate better prices and then directly pass on the saving to her clients. There is no middleman between her as a buyer and the consultant, therefore she buys accordingly and has developed the skill of directing her clients to make the right choices.

She operates her store from a non-commercial area and works by appointments only. Her mission is to assist her clients in building a functional, fashionable, and exclusive wardrobe within a reasonable budget.

Farrah takes pride in being a people person, recognizing each individual’s unique qualities and personal needs. Farrah believes that every person is special and treats all of her customers with the utmost respect and professionalism that they deserve

Farrah has also managed and produced many runway fashion shows and informal modeling displaying different designers.

Farrah is experienced in public speaking on fashion and styling; she has done many seminars on how to improve your personal appearance to achieve your best look.

To Visit Secrets of Fashion, please contact us for an appointment.